Saturday, November 10, 2012

City of Bones [Clare]

Book: City of Bones [Mortal Instruments #1]
Author: Cassandra Clare

Review:  Clary Fray, a seemingly normal teenager girl, and her friend Simon are at club when she sees three tattooed teenagers murder someone. The body disappears and she discovers they killed a demon. Clary soon learns that there is a whole Shadow World she was unaware of, filled with shadowhunters, vampires, shifters, fae and other lore creatures. Her mother is connected to this secret world and has disappeared. Clary teams up with the local shadowhunters, including Jace, a snarky teen with plenty of attitude, speed and fighting skills, to find her mother. The group soon discovers that Valentine, a shadowhunter previously thought to be dead, is alive and hunting for the Mortal Cup, an instrument that will turns humans into hunters. It turns out Clary's mother hid the cup. Can Clary, Jace and their crew find the cup before Valentine and save Clary's mom?

Clare's world is well imagined, descriptive and well written. Clary is an interesting, albeit slightly boring heroine and I felt she reads younger than 16. Good thing Clare created strong secondary characters in Clary's best friend, Simon (loyal, smart, witty) and shadowhunter (love interest with complications) Jace (appealing even though he is extremely arrogant).  Many of the plot points were predictable (such as Clary's true parentage) and readers of Harry Potter will undoubtedly see many similarities between the series. Voldemort - Valentine, Death Eaters - Circle, Voldemort wanted only pure-blooded wizards - Valentine want to get rid of all demons, HP and friends used wands to cast spells - Jace and the hunters use stele's, wand-like objects to draw runes to create magic. Regardless of the similarities, I still enjoyed the characters and think it is a good start to a new series. 

Grade: 4/5

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