Monday, July 15, 2013

Curran, Vol. I

Book: Curran, Vol. I
Series: Curran POV
Author: Gordon Andrews

Review: 'Curran Vol. I' is a collection of scenes written from Curran's point of view. 

First Scene: The first time Curran meets Kate on Unicorn Lane and she calls out 'Here kitty, kitty.' Overall, humorous and interesting to see his first impression of her. 

Second Scene: Kate is injured and Doolittle is doing everything he can to save her. Curran starts to realize his feelings toward Kate are more than irritation. I thought this was cute.

Third Scene: Kate traps Curran in a cage and he has to convince Julie to get him out. It was interesting to see how he convinced her to release him, but I was hoping for her perspective in the hot tub. I guess I'm just a little selfish..hehe. Once again, I liked seeing how his mind works.

Fourth Scene: Curran explains how he glued Kate's butt to her chair to retaliate for her destruction of his weight set. This was super funny and I loved it. 

Overall-I enjoyed these. A quick read to see a different side of the Beast Lord and his impressions of Kate.  

Grade: 3/5

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