Monday, July 15, 2013

Magic Gifts

Book: Magic Gifts
Series: Kate Daniels #5.4
Author: Ilona Andrews

Review: 'Magic Gifts' takes place during the same time frame as 'Gunmetal Magic.' Kate and Curran are on a date when tragedy strikes a young couple (both navigators for the People) next to them.  A man gives his girlfriend a beautiful necklace, and when she puts it on it kills her. When her parents arrive at the scene, her beautiful but emotionally cold mother puts the necklace on her seven year old son. Kate has to figure out how to save the boy before the necklace kills him. 

This book contained a little romance and of course, Kate doing her thing. She has to track down a Norse Viking to help decipher runes and take on a Viking giant that cannot be killed to help save a child. It's Kate and it's fabulous! 

Grade: 5/5

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