Monday, July 15, 2013

Magic Bleeds

Book: Magic Bleeds
Series: Kate Daniels #4
Author: Ilona Andrews

Review: Erra, Babylon's god of chaos and terror is in Atlanta reeking havoc and she's brought along seven warriors who yield strong powers: Deluge (water), Tremor (earth), Gale (wind), Torch (fire), Venom (Disease), Beast (strength) and Darkness (emotional influence). Erra is not only Kate's more formidable opponent yet, she also happens to be her aunt. 

The opening scene of this book was great. Kate has cooked dinner for Curran (including an apple pie with one of the immortality apples from 'Magic Mourns'!) and is ready and waiting for him (she has even put on makeup and put on her best underwear). When he doesn't show up, she calls the Keep and she essentially brushed off. While it was very frustrating so see how immature Kate acted throughout most of the book in relation to Curran (even when she knew it was a communication problem) it was very true to her personality and lack of experience in relationships. I won't spoil the outcome of the romance subplot, but suffice to say, I was very satisfied! 

In terms of Erra and her warriors-I loved everything! The battles were fierce, Kate was the perfect balance of smart ass/bad ass and we finally learn a lot about Roland's history. Kate also sees how powerful her aunt is and realizes she has a lot more work to do with her own magic (specifically working with her blood as an armor, that was very cool). There was a small subplot involving Andrea and Raphael which should set up Andrea's book very well and I have a feeling we'll be seeing Jennifer, alpha wolf (and supreme bitch) in the coming books. Great read!

Grade: 5/5

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