Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Book: Shift
Series: Shifters #5
Author: Rachel Vincent

Review: War is on the horizon. Calvin Malone, now head of the counsel, wants Faythe and Kaci at any cost. A new species is introduced, vicious birds called Thunderbirds who will prove to be a valuable ally in the upcoming fight. 

The best part of this book was the inclusion of the Thunderbirds. I assume they will play a pivotal role in the last book and they were well imagined. My primary issue with this book was twofold: Faythe's father and Faythe herself. Her father and their pride are supposed to be so smart and amazing, yet Malone outmaneuvers them at almost every turn. I also don't understand how they have such a large property that is barely patrolled. I realize they have patrols, but we are constantly reminded that they can't track with scent. It would seem to make sense that they would have cameras or something like that tracking their borders. I'm pretty sure Calvin Malone could have driven right up to their house and they wouldn't know it until they saw him. And I get that they don't like guns...but they live in Texas! They should at least know HOW to shoot guns and go to target practice. 

Finally, good 'ole Faythe. Ugg. **this part contains spoilers** For 4 books it is pretty much Marc, Marc, Marc. There is ONE scene with Jace in the first book that indicates there could be more to them, but that is that. I will even give Faythe a break for sleeping with Jace after her brother is killed because people sometimes do crazy things in times of stress. But let's be real here-it was not good sex. She imagined that he was Marc and pushed him off of her. She immediately felt horrible. How that experience translated to 'I'm in love with Jace' is beyond me. It makes no sense. Marc's reaction to learning about the relationship makes no sense either. Although I'm not a huge Jace fan, I'm still not sure why Marc and Jace even want to be with Faythe. She is so wishy washy and incapable of making a decision about them. I kept hoping they would both throw her to the curb. 

The thunderbirds saved this from being a 1 star review.  

Grade: 2/5

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