Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Book: Alpha
Series: Shifters #6
Author: Rachel Vincent

Review: Finally, the war we've been building up to for 5 books is here. **mild spoiler** Not surprisingly, Faythe's father is killed and she is named alpha in his place. We're told it's because she's the only person who can lead them, etc etc. but I feel like her mother, who previously sat on the counsel, has years of experience and the maturity to hold her tongue, would have been the better choice. But hey, Faythe is the star of this series, so let's roll with it.  In terms of the action, I enjoyed the Thunderbirds once again but I was hoping for more pizzazz in Calvin Malone's death. It was rather anticlimactic and the counsel never found out how evil he was (and he was a great evil adversary!) and what he did to railroad the Sander's.  Finally, the love triangle. Like the previous book, it was ridiculous listening to Faythe pander about her emotions regarding both men, when it was clear she should be with neither. I'll avoid spoilers on that front, but I'm sure most of you can guess the outcome. 

Overall-even though I really detested Faythe almost the entire series, strong secondary characters and a well imagined world/species allowed me to enjoy the series. 

Grade: 3/5

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