Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Book: Stray
Series: Shifters #1
Author: Rachel Vincent

Review: Faythe Sanders, a female were-cat who is striving for independence is forced to leave graduate school to return home and help her family. If you read Kelley Armstrong's Bitten, this book had a lot of similarities. 

The Good: Vincent does an excellent job creating a cast of supporting characters that you want to know better and root for. Most notably Marc-Faythe's ex-boyfriend who was not born a were-cat but 'bitten.' Although extremely smart, capable and dedicated to his alpha (Faythe's father), Marc experiences a lot of discrimination from other packs because of his heritage. He inexplicably loves Faythe throughout the series-that is his only character flaw. 

The Bad: Faythe Sanders. Oh boy. I'm not even sure where to start. She is simply horrible in this book. She is self absorbed, spoiled rotten, has no impulse control and has the maturity of 16 year old. This would be fine, but she is in her early 20s and the voice of this series. It was absolutely grating listening to her bitch and complain about her life, problems, responsibilities as well as the fact that no one takes her seriously.

I didn't not enjoy the first 75% of this book but it did pick up when Faythe is *minor spoiler alert* kidnapped and her attitude improves slightly. Marc and Faythe's brother Ethan are great and I look forward to see what happens with them. 

Grade: 2/5

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