Monday, September 16, 2013

Forever Fae

Book: Forever Fae
Series: Forever Fae #1
Author: L.P. Dover

Review: We're in the land of the fae and other creatures, which includes a fae winter and summer court. There is a prophecy which impies Princess Calista (of the summer court) will help save the fae from evil. When she meets Prince Ryder (winter court), they form an instant connection, but must deal with Calista's best friend and guardian Merrick as well as evil forces around them. 

I've read a lot of urban fantasy over the years but this is my first 'fae' perspective book. Although some of the ideas were interesting, the overall execution of this book was a failure. Instead of introducing us to the characters and building the story, I felt like we were 'told' everything right off the bat. Written in alternating perspectives, the bad guy was evil immediately. I think he even said what his end goal was right away, so there was no suspense. There could have been a good love triangle with Calista, Ryder and Merrick but it was very clear that her feelings were only for Ryder. The same scene was also written from both Ryder and Calista's point of view and in most cases, didn't add much to the story. 

Overall, very disappointing. 

Grade: 1/5

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