Sunday, September 29, 2013

Widow's Web

Book: Widow's Web
Series: Elemental Assassins #7
Author: Jennifer Estep

Review: Salina Dubois is back in town. She's beautiful, powerful, sadistic and is out for revenge. She also happens to be Owen's ex-fiancee and she wants him back. 

I love the ex-fiancee angle to create tension between Gin and Owen. Especially considering Gin wasn't even aware that Salina ever existed. So she is not only battling another foe with elemental powers, her relationship with Owen will be impacted as well. Why you ask? Because Owen has a blind spot for Salina and thinks she can do no wrong. He believes every lie she spews. We are introduced to a newish character in this book, Philip Kincaid (he's referenced in previous books but doesn't play a large role) and we learn about his past relationship with Owen and Eva. I liked the back story and hope to see more of Philip in the future. I liked how Gin handled the Salina situation overall. Of course, in typical Gin fashion, she tells us how badass she is...only to vastly underestimate her opponent and almost get herself killed. Then she comes up with a 'simple' plan that doesn't go according to plan but everything (almost) works out in the end. 

My only issues with this book was there was a lot of repetition again in rehashing past plots. I think by book 7 most people know the Mab backstory. I'm not sure if the publisher requires the summarization or if people really start reading a new series this far into it? This book also didn't feature our favorite cast of supporting characters. Okay, to be fair they are in the book but play very minor roles for the most part. I wanted more Finn and Sophia! 

Overall, I enjoyed this. Fun series!

Grade: 3/5

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