Saturday, September 28, 2013

Clockwork Prince

Book: Clockwork Prince
Series: Infernal Devices #2
Author: Cassandra Clare

ReviewIn magical Victorian London, orphan Tessa found safety with the Shadowhunters, until traitors betray her to the Magister. He wants to marry her, but so do self-destructive Will and fiercely devoted Jem. Mage Magnus Bane returns to help them. Secrets to her parentage lie with the mist-shrouded Yorkshire Institute's aged manager Alyosius Starkweather. -Goodreads

It's been a long time since I stayed up late reading a book but I literally could not put this down. Without question, I'm enjoying this series more than MI. This book starts off shortly after the previous one ended. Charlotte may be forced out as head of the institute and if that happens, Tessa won't have anywhere to go. Meanwhile, Tessa and the gang are still searching for the Magister and fighting off his clockwork creatures. Of course, romance plays a big theme in this book. While I'm typically not a fan of triangles, Clare handled it very well. Although Tessa initially bonded with Will, he's pushed her away enough that her friendship with Jem has slowly blossomed into something more. We finally learn what happened to Will and the revelation leads to a heartbreaking scene between him and Tessa. While she was internally struggling with her feelings, I felt her actions toward both boys was relatively consistent. Finally, the ending scene and the introduction of a new character for the last book has me VERY excited. 

Super fun! Great interaction with Will and Magnus that had me laughing out loud too. 

Grade: 4.5/5

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