Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Edge of Desire [Laurens]

Book: The Edge of Desire [The Bastion Club Book 6]
Author: Stephanie Laurens
Genre: Romance - Historical

Review: Christian thought he found the right woman years ago when he courted spirited Letiticia. Promised to each other in everything but a formal marriage offer, Christian went off to war expecting her to wait for him. When she married someone else, he felt betrayed. Apart for years, he is surprised when Letitcia requests his help to help clear her brother, who has been accused of murdering her husband.

I thoroughly enjoyed both the love story and mystery in this book. Christian and Leticia had great chemistry, both verbal and sexual. There were also some funny moments where I laughed out loud. My only grip was Laurens seemed almost lazy writing sections of this book. Many personality traits were repeated multiple times throughout the story (Letiticia's family was known for their must have been mentioned a hundred times). All in all-still a fun read.

Book Junkie's Grade: B

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