Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lover Unbound [Ward]

Book: Lover Unbound [Black Dagger Brotherhood book 5]
Author: J.R. Ward
Reason for Reading: this series just gets better and better
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Review: The most intelligent brother with a past that rivals Zsadist's, Vishous takes center stage in the fifth installment of the series. My favorite of the brothers (I love a man who uses his brain cells), the book begins when Vishous finds out that he must marry a number of pure vampire women (known as 'The Chosen') with the intent of fathering children to ensure the survival of the race. Not pleased with the idea, V knows it is his duty and agrees. However, prior to the ceremony, he is shot and brought to a hospital, where he immediately falls for a human surgeon, Jane. Taking her from the hospital back to the Brotherhood's compound under the guise that she needs to tend to his wounds until he is healed, V and Jane fall in love while he tries to figure out how he can change his destiny.

The beginning and middle of this book were excellent. As I already mentioned, V is my favorite so there should be no surprise that he is funny, smart and sexy. His past was interesting yet tragic and Ward created a great match for him with strong minded surgeon, Jane. I enjoyed their love story and V's struggle with his destiny. My only complaint with this book was the ending-it was completely ridiculous.

Book Junkie's Grade: B-

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