Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lover Revealed [Ward]

Book: Lover Revealed [Black Dagger Brotherhood book 4]
Author: J.R. Ward
Reason for Reading: for fun
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Review: Ex-cop Butch O'Neill is brought into the Brotherhood's fold after an encounter at the end of book 1. Tough and courageous, Butch fits in well with the brothers and becomes their only human comrade and roommate. When Butch is inadvertently drawn into the fight with the lessors, he ends up fulfilling a prophecy that changes his course and the Brothers forever. Along the way, he meets and falls in love with vampire Marissa, an aristocrat who returns his feelings. When Marissa's brother finds out about her involvement with a human, she is cast out and forced to forge her way in the world.

Butch was a fantastic male lead. He was funny, interesting and had a dynamic personality. Ward also improved her writing in relation to the interactions with the Brothers in this book. Marissa was a prim and proper vampire (she's been wearing a corset and gown for the last 100 years) who was overall boring. The major strife between their relationship was that Butch thought she was too good for him. A little of this would have been fine but it was played out too much over the book. We got it..she is a beautiful, wealthy vampire, he is an ex-cop with poor manners and a broken nose. That being said, Butch was a strong enough character to compensate for Marissa's dullness.

Book Junkie's Grade: B

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