Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lover Awakened [Ward]

Book: Lover Awakened [Black Dagger Brotherhood book 3]
Author: J.R. Ward
Reason for Reading: for fun
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Review: Zsadist, the most fierce and scary brother, was stolen from his family as a baby and sold as a blood slave. Abused both sexually and physically for years, he was rescued by his twin Phury and became part of the brotherhood. Zsadist does not allow anyone to get close to him and does not form attachments until he meets the beautiful and kind vampire, Bella. Bella forms a bond with Zsadist and will not allow him to let go. Together, they work through his past to try to build a relationship while fighting lessors along the way.

Zsadist (the author's favorite brother according to her website) led a disheartening and depressing life. Reading sections about his abuse was sickening yet enlightening (a good insight into his present personality). I didn't particularly care for Z as a character and his personality was too rough around the edges for my liking. Bella is someone most women can relate too (she'll fight for her man) but the best part of this book were the sections written from Z's twins point of view, Phury. When Z was stolen as a baby, Phury's parents emotionally shut down and his whole life purpose became wrapped up in finding and saving his brother. He became a celibate and devoted his life to his brother's happiness. However, even after physically rescuing Z, he could not save his soul. Struggling with that fact, Phury also meets and falls in love with Bella. He cannot act on it though because she is with his twin. Totally engrossing!

Book Junkie's Grade: B

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