Monday, March 22, 2010

Dreamfever [Moning]

Book: Dreamfever [Fever #4]
Author: Karen Marie Moning
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Review: After a traumatic encounter with the Unseelie Fae princes, Mac is rescued by Barrons who nurses her back to health. Losing her innocence and still unsure of who to trust, Mac embraces her darker side to fight the fae and rally her fellow sidhe-seers. When her parents in Georgia become involved, Mac must fight to keep them alive.

As the 4th book in a series of 5, I was hoping for some answers in this installment. Who is Mac's biological father? Who/what is Barrons? Instead-we were given more questions and a cliffhanger ending that has me scouring message boards for fans predictions. When I am reading message boards and dreaming about the characters and what might/might not be happening-that is how I know I am reading a great series! While I am not pleased with the lack of relationship development between Mac and Barrons, the cliffhanger was strong enough to override that disappointment. I am anxiously awaiting the final book-Dec 2010!!

Book Junkie's Grade: A-

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