Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Untamed Bride [Laurens]

Book: The Untamed Bride [Black Dagger Quartet #1]
Author: Stephanie Laurens
Genre: Romance - Historical

Review: After the disappointing 'Mastered by Love' in January, I took a 2 month break from Lauren's tales of romance and spies. After reading the first of her Black Dagger Quartet series, I'm happy I gave Lauren's another try. Like all of Lauren's books-the hero is a strong male (military man Del) and the heroine a tall, sensuous woman with a strong personality (Deliah). Del is on a secret mission bringing him from India to England, while Deliah is traveling from Jamaica to England. When she becomes entwined in the mission, they embark on a love affair while trying to fight danger at every turn.

After the heavy 'Rhett Butler's People' this was a fun, easy, enjoyable read.

Book Junkie's Grade: B

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