Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rhett Butler's People [McCraig]

Book: Rhett Butler's People
Author: Daniel McCraig
Genre: Fiction

Review: As a lifelong fan of GWTW-I was disappointed with 'Scarlett' and had high hopes for this novel. Marketed as GWTW told from Rhett Butler's perspective, I dove in headfirst. The book started off well with tales of Rhett's childhood. The book quickly veered off course. I'm not even sure where to start. First and foremost-although 'Scarlett' was not a great book, it was a sanctioned sequel and it would have been nice if McCraig had kept the same names (for example-Rhett's mother and brother had different names in both books-it was confusing since I just finished the other book). Next-Rhett is portrayed as a manic depressive, Scarlett is not spunky and Melanie (who all devoted fans know, was a kind person who loved Scarlett unconditionally), was just massacred in this book. McCraig's Melanie was aware of Ashley and Scarlett the whole time-hated Scarlett and was a vindictive woman. McCraig rewrote certain scenes from Rhett's perspective, which had the potential to be interesting, but in many cases he changed the dialogue! He also avoided scenes like the bizarre where Rhett bids on her, and basically skips over Rhett and Scarlett's marriage as well as Bonnie's death.

If anyone is considering reading this novel-just skip it. To pick up where GWTW ends-Scarlett loses all her money in the stock market, moves back to Tara to work the fields, is good enough friends with Belle Watling that Belle and her family are invited over for a bbq (that never would have happened!). Scarlett telegrams Rhett, who comes back, and for the icing on the cake-Tara BURNS DOWN. Sacrilegious! 'Scarlett' was great compared to this book. I will give props to McCraig that his war descriptions were spot on.

Book Junkie's Grade: D

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