Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When Will There Be Good News? [Atkinson]

Book: When Will There Be Good News?
Author: Kate Atkinson
Genre: Fiction

Review: 'When Will There Be Good News?' has a few story lines that intersect as the book develops. The book opens with a gruesome murder: on a country road in England, 6-year old Joanna's family is butchered in front of her eyes. Thirty years later, the killer is released from prison. Boarding the wrong train, private investigate Jackson Brodie is involved in a train crash. He is saved from the crash by Reggie Chase, who works as a nanny for a local doctor. Convinced the doctor has been kidnapped, she enlists Brodie's help. Meanwhile-an old love interest from Brodie's past, police detective Louise Monroe, is searching for released killer.

Atkinson does a great job weaving the stories together into a believable tale. This is a dark, depressing book with ominous tones. It took me awhile to read it-not because it wasn't good (it is exceptionally well written) but because it was such a downer.

Book Junkie's Grade: B+

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