Friday, March 29, 2019

Girl With No Fingerprints

Book: Girl With No Fingerprints
Series: The Girl Trilogy #1
Author: Mark Bailey

Milly McTaggart leads a double life: competent doctor of psychology by day, deluded hedonist by night. A drug bust at a sex orgy forces a life change and a chance to start again in a new place where nobody knows her. But will her inner demons drive her back on a path of self-destruction? Like Milly Siobhan Russell is pretty and smart. Unlike Milly, she has all the advantages of a loving family. But is she too about to risk everything?

From Perth, Western Australia, to a love story in Scotland and a vicious murder in a cheap motel in London; no relationship is safe, most are troubled. Lies and half-truths are told, the truth often far away, until a startling revelation reveals everything. You will never see it coming. -Goodreads

Review: Milly is a psychologist with a penchant for cocaine and risky sex. Siobhan is a dedicated medical student whose relationship with her boyfriend ends up in drug addiction. Two women in two different countries who end up connected in ways they never did. 

The overall writing style was not my favorite-there were a lot of information dumps and the dialogue didn't seem realistic. The storyline was pretty good though and I was really drawn into Milly's perspective. I could absolutely see her being successful in her professional life while living on the edge in the evenings. I had to suspend disbelief with Siobhan. She is extremely straight laced, breaks up with a boyfriend because he does drugs...and yet has no issues when her new boyfriend essentially drugs her without her knowledge. It didn't jive. Her downward spiral into addiction was sad and difficult to read and I could not believe for one minute she would be able to finish medical school and work with the amount of drugs she was consuming. 

Overall, I liked it. 

Grade: 2.5/5

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