Saturday, March 30, 2019

Good Girl Gone Bad

Book: Good Girl Gone Bad
Series: DI Kane Barnett #1
Author: Emmy Ellis


Trapped inside by a man who refuses to allow her freedom—unless it’s on his terms—Charlotte has reached the point where she wants to leave him. Problem is, he’s always said he’ll find her no matter where she goes. But she can no longer stand living inside their beautiful house with limited contact with the outside world, and freedom beckons…


Desperate to grow up, to become a woman, Debbie has dreamed of him being her lover, her forever, but he hasn’t got the same desires—no, his are nothing like she imagined, and her night out at his place turns into the worst of her life…


DI Kane Barnett didn’t bank on three more cases landing on his desk—a death by bonfire, a murder, and a kidnap. He’s already got a huge case, damn it, bringing down Jez Pickins, the local drug dealer. The thing is, Kane meeting up with Jez’s girlfriend isn’t exactly a coincidence, and now he’s realizing just what a mess he’s in. With four cases on his hands, he’s strapped for time—and that time is running out. -Goodreads
Review: This was a good opening book to a series, introducing DI Kane Barnett who was both likable and intelligent. I found Charlotte to be a tad grating but the ending was a surprise. I'll definitely read the next book in the series. 

Grade: 3/5

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