Friday, March 29, 2019

Wedge & Gizmo

Book: Wedgie & Gizmo
Series: Wedgie & Gizmo #1
Author: Suzanne Selfors

When a bouncy, barky dog and an evil genius guinea pig move into the same house, the laughs are nonstop! Wedgie is so excited, he can’t stop barking. He LOVES having new siblings and friends to protect. He LOVES guinea pigs like Gizmo! He also LOVES treats!

But Gizmo does not want to share his loyal human servant with a rump-sniffing beast! He does not want to live in a pink Barbie Playhouse. Or to be kissed and hugged by the girl human. Gizmo is an evil genius. He wants to take over the world and make all humans feel his wrath. But first he must destroy his archenemy, Wedgie, once and for all!-Goodreads


Absolutely adorable from start to finish. A fantastic read for 2-5th graders. Wedgie is a happy dog and loves his new human brother Elliot and Elliot's furry potato (aka guinea pig), Gizmo. Gizmo is not happy about...anything. He doesn't like his new living situation (Barbie playhouse). He doesn't like the canine. And he especially doesn't like Elliot's new Abuela who wants to eat him. Gizmo decides to execute an evil plan to get life back to normal.

Grade: 5/5

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