Friday, March 29, 2019

Girl Changed

Book: Girl Changed
Series: The Girl Trilogy #2
Author: Mark Bailey

Three young women attend a sex romp at the home of a wealthy Perth businessman and get more than they bargained for. One of them moves away to the U.K. to build a new life in a place where nobody knows her. But the past has a way of resurfacing in surprising ways. A rare congenital genetic disorder, family associations, and friendships in seemingly unrelated places are linked by two common threads. Solving a murder seemingly reveals all, but settles little as it raises more questions.

From Perth, Western Australia, to a love story in Scotland and a revealing stay in Brooklyn, the U.S.A. How could they all be related to one vicious murder in a cheap motel in London? No relationship is safe, most are troubled as lies and half-truths are told, the truth seemingly, far away. Murder, drugs, prostitution, organized crime and a police investigation were not part of her plan, but someone must see it through — someone must pay.-Goodreads

Review: 'Girl Changed' picks up right where 'Girl With No Fingerprints' ended with Milly trying to determine who murdered Siobhan. There are still a lot of information dumps and stilted language but Bailey knows how to weave an interesting plot. Milly is a strong (albeit damaged protagonist) and she's never dull!

Grade: 3/5

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