Friday, November 8, 2019


Book: Cosmic
Author: Frank Cottrell Boyce

Liam is too big for his boots. And his football strip. And his school blazer. But being super-sized height-wise has its advantages: he's the only eleven-year-old to ever ride the G-force defying Cosmic rollercoaster - or be offered the chance to drive a Porsche. Long-legged Liam makes a giant leap for boy-kind by competing with a group of adults for the chance to go into space. Is Liam the best boy for the job? Sometimes being big isn't all about being a grown-up.-Goodreads
Review: This was a selection for 5th grade book club. Our main character, Liam, is 11 years old but somehow so tall and mature looking he can pass for an adult. One must suspend disbelief and accept that an 11 year old can pass for an adult for this book to work. The elementary students reading this were able to do this. As a parent, I just could not believe this on any level. Liam, our 11 year old protagonist, ends up traveling overseas with a friend (while pretending to be her parent) as they compete against other 'father-child-duos' to ride the first Cosmic rollercoaster. 

Overall, this was well written but I had a hard time believing the main character could pass as an adult. 

Grade: 3/5

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