Saturday, November 9, 2019

Good Girl, Bad Girl

Book: Good Girl, Bad Girl
Series: Cyrus Haven #1
Author: Michael Robotham

A girl is found hiding in a secret room in a house being renovated after a terrible crime. For weeks she has survived by sneaking out at night, stealing food for herself and two dogs that are kept in the garden. The nurses at the hospital where she is taken call her “Angel Face” because she won’t tell anyone her name, or her age, or where she came from. Maybe she is twelve, maybe fifteen, or somewhere in between. She doesn’t appear on any missing person’s file, or match the DNA of any murder victim.

Six years later, still unidentified, the same girl is living in a secure children’s home with a new name, Evie Cormac, when she initiates a court case demanding the right to be released as an adult. Psychologist Cyrus Haven is sent to interview Evie and decide if she’s ready to go free, but Evie Cormac is unlike he’s anyone he’s ever met. She’s damaged, destructive, and self-hating, yet possessed of a gift, or a curse, that makes her both fascinating and dangerous to be with—the ability to tell when someone is lying. Soon he is embroiled in her unique and dangerous world, his life in utmost peril.-Goodreads

Review: I really enjoyed this police procedural type novel with the consulting psychologist as the lead character. Part of the plot is a murder mystery while the other surrounds a girl who was found living in a secret room years ago. Psychologist Cyrus is involved with both cases. Can he solve the murder of a teenager and figure out what happened to Evie? 

I questioned whether consulting psychologists take such active roles investigating open murder cases and interviewing witnesses but it worked here. Cyrus is a very well written, engaging character and I'm looking forward to the next in the series. 

Grade: 4/5

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