Saturday, November 9, 2019


Book: Interference
Series: Rookie Club #4
Author: Danielle Girard

Seventy-two guns were stolen from a San Francisco police storage facility. Now murders are spiking. The only connection: all the perps claim the stolen guns were anonymously left for them to do with as they pleased.

Mei Ling, now head of the SFPD's Computer Forensics Team, and newest member of The Rookie Club, sees another connection when a network-hacking device is found installed in the storage facility.

Then bullets start crashing through Mei's home, convincing her she's right. Now Mei just needs to find the hacker before becoming the next murder victim-Goodreads

Review: After enjoying book #3 in the series, this was a disappointment. I liked Mei but she was not dynamic enough to be a lead character here. I didn't hate it, it was overall okay. The ending seemed far fetched as well. 

Grade: 2/5

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