Saturday, November 9, 2019

One Clean Shot

Book: One Clean Shot
Series: Rookie Club #2
Author: Danielle Girard

Hailey Wyatt’s life is finally settling into a sort of normalcy after the tragedy that struck her family. Or it seems that way until an investigation into the homicide of two powerful San Francisco residents is suddenly the center of a media frenzy.

Because someone is taking a strong stance against guns… and they're willing to kill to make sure they’re heard.

The department has a message for Hailey, as well. Solve the case. Quickly. Or else.

Worse, the only connection between the victims is a friendship with Hailey's father-in-law. As the evidence points closer to home, Hailey's partner questions her dedication to the pursuit of justice.

As he should. Because Hailey has secrets of her own.

Secrets she’s willing to die for.-Goodreads

Review: The second installment of the Rookie Club (not sure the ladies even got together in this book, maybe once for a quick dinner?) focuses on homicide detective Hailey Wyatt. After her husband was tragically killed, she is finally back at work. But her partner Hal knows something is 'off.'

I liked this book but I had a hard time believing Hailey and Hal were homicide detectives. They just seemed to have the worst communication skills (both actions explained but they acted like teenagers) and zero detecting skills. 

Grade: 2.5/5

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