Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye

Book: Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye
Series: Psychic Eye Mystery #1
Author: Victoria Laurie

Review: Abby Cooper is a a psychic intuitive who lives a pretty boring life. When one of her clients is murdered, she feels responsible for not realizing her life was in danger. To make matters worse, she goes on a date (with someone she met online) and doesn't realize he's a police detective. Although she's vowed she won't use her talents to help police investigations (for fear they will suspect her), she ends up assisting anyway. When Abby becomes a target of the killer, can she figure out who it is before she becomes the next victim?

This was a quick, cute read and had a few laughs. Although Abby comes off as fairly immature for a woman in her early 30's, she grew on me throughout the book. I like the dynamic between Abby and Dutch (the sexy policeman she meets from a dating website) and there is potential for a good love story. I wasn't as on board with the relationship between Abby and her sister. I think the issue is that her sister  (very rich, CEO) just didn't seem like a real person.  There were also some phrases that were repeated too often (like 'liar liar pants on fire') but overall, I liked it. 

Grade: 3/5

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