Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beautiful Beginning

Book: Beautiful Beginning
Series: Beautiful Bastard #3.5
Author: Christina Lauren

Review: Two years after they declared their feelings for each other in San Diego, Chloe and Bennett are getting married. Bennett' decides to hold off on sex for a few days until their wedding night and Chloe takes this as a personal challenge to seduce him. Add in drama surrounding the rehearsal dinner, family and wedding preparations and they have quite the adventure.

Overall, this final installment in the BB series was light and fun. It had it's funny moments as well as sexy. It was a tad ridiculous over how upset Chloe was with Bennett over the no sex rule before the wedding-it was literally only for a few days but she was acting like it was a month. However, seeing her attempt to seduce him was amusing as well as how he tried to thwart her. We get some glimpses into Max (love him!) and Sara as well as Hannah and Will (love them as a couple!). 

A fun conclusion to a series I'm happily recommending to friends. 

Grade: 3/5

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