Monday, December 2, 2013

Being Me

Book: Being Me
Series: Inside Out #2
Author: Lisa Renee Jones

Review: I'm not sure how to write up a quick plot summary because there wasn't much of one. This book picked up immediately after the first one ended and primarily focused on Sara and Chris' relationship issues. While Chris is now helping Sara with the Rebecca mystery, not much happened on that front. Sara may be a school teacher/art professional, but Agatha Christie she is not. Mark has several memorable scenes and I like how he pushes Sara on a professional level. Some questions are answered at the end of the book, I'll avoid spoilers but I didn't feel like there was enough character development for some of the actions taken by one of the characters at the end. In terms of Sara and Chris, they both have issues and it will be interesting to see how the author resolves everything in the next installment. Sara has a "big secret" in this book that is revealed that was a tad ridiculous. It which makes me worried that Mark's past may not be as scandalous or tragic as originally thought. 

Overall, I enjoyed this. I wish it was less filler and more plot but it was still a fun read. 

Grade: 3 stars

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