Thursday, December 19, 2013


Book: Trouble
Author: Samantha Towle

Review: Mia seems perfect. She's beautiful, smart and a med student at Harvard. But Mia is anything close to perfect. She was physically abused by her father until his death, her boyfriend beats her and she has an eating disorder. She's never had the strength to stop the cycle of violence until her boyfriend tries to rape her. After learning her mother (who she thought died) signed away her parental rights, Mia flees Boston for Colorado to try to find her. Mia meets Jordan, a womanizer with a gambling problem who is trying to turn his life around. 

Mia is a flawed character and Towle did a great job with her back story. Domestic violence is a tough topic and she didn't hold back. I did find it odd that her feelings for Jordan was so strong given what she just went through. His instant love for her was also a little far fetched. I'll avoid spoilers, but there is a twist about 3/4 through the book relating to Mia's mother that I didn't see coming, but made the relationship between Jordan and Mia to be icky. There is another scene where Jordan does not warn Mia about a destructive person who is in close physical proximity and it seemed very out of character for him, especially given what they had been through and her history with the individual. I was happy with the resolution of the book and Mia's decisions about her health. 

Overall-not perfect but I liked it. 

Grade: 3/5

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