Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Accidental Werewolf

Book: The Accidental Werewolf
Series: Accidentally Friends #1
Author: Dakota Cassidy

Review: Marty is dedicated to her job selling Bobbie Sue Cosmetics (imagine Mary Kay) but things start to change when she is bitten by a large dog one night. Her blond hair starts getting darker, her leg hair won't stop growing and she is becoming increasing emotional. When a strange sexy man shows up at her apartment a week later and tells her she is a werewolf, she does not believe him.

This was a very light, fluffy, cute read. It reminded me a lot of the first Sarah Dearly book (Immortality Bites by Michelle Rowan) although not as funny. Marty grew on me as the book progressed and while Keegan (the werewolf who accidentally bit her) was sexy, he was rather flat as a character. There wasn't much to him other than his hot body and the fact that he loved Marty's scent. I did like how Marty faced discrimination meeting the pack, I felt that was pretty realistic (in terms of an outsider coming in and trying to fit in). My main struggle with the book was the mystery element of 'who is trying to kidnap Marty and why' and the 'other woman' introduced in Keegan's life. I just didn't feel like they were big enough threats. Also, Marty's reaction to being kidnapped at the end...way too air headed and flinty. 

Although I didn't love this book, it was okay. The next book in the series focuses on Marty's friend Nina, who I is very outspoken and was a fun side character. I will give that book a chance. 

Grade: 2.5/5

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