Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bared To You [Day]

Book: Bared To You [Crossfire #1]
Author: Sylvia Day

Review: When Eva, a recent college graduate moves to NY for a new job, she quickly begins a steamy relationship with her sexy, successful boss, Gideon. Their relationship is passionate but not without problems. Eva and Gideon are both victims of abuse and they struggle to find a healthy balance. 

This book is an obvious rip off of the Fifty Shades books (it is book 1 in a planned trilogy). Eva = Ana. Both are around the same age and have mothers who have been married several times. Gideon = Christian.  Rich, successful, possessive, seems to come from a good family but has a secret past. What made this book still a fun read though is that Day is a good writer and she made enough changes to keep it interesting. Most importantly, while Ana is an innocent, Eva is a more in depth character. She suffered **spoiler alert** sexual abuse at the hands of a family member and struggles with emotional trauma. Most importantly, she understands her triggers and is up front an honest with Gideon. Gideon remains more of a mystery and I look forward to the next installment to see where the story goes. A lot of this book was Eva running out on Gideon but mostly, the book established the bond between the two.

Grade: B+

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