Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Heist Society [Carter]

Book: Heist Society [Heist Society #1]
Author: Ally Carter

Review: 15 year-old Kat Bishop was trying to live like a normal teenager for the first time in her young life. Granted, she conned her way into boarding school, but she was trying to break free of her family, a family that had her casing museums and stealing prized jewels before she was 10. She was focused on living a clean life when her best friend and fellow co-conspirator, Hale, facilitated her removal from school to help with a problem. Some priceless paintings had been stolen from a notorious criminal and Kat's father was the main suspect. Kat knows her father didn't steal the paintings, but after meeting with criminal she knows she has to find out where the paintings are and steal them back to secure her father's safety.  

I downloaded this book from the library and knew nothing about the author. Nor did I read any book reviews. I am happy to report that I really enjoyed this book! Kat was a smart, spunky heroine and her band of teenager thieves was endearing. I got a good laugh at her cousin and her antics, and enjoyed watching all the pieces come together. I really like the relationship between Kat and Hale (her best friend, and there is some romantic tension of the teenager variety). I am waiting for the second book to be delivered to me via ebookfling.net and cannot wait to start it! A run, smart YA series for teens and adults. 

Grade: B

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