Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Golden Lily [Mead]

Book: The Golden Lily [Bloodlines #2]
Author: Richelle Mead

Review: Our favorite alchemist is back! Sydney is back at school in Palm Springs with Jill, Eddie and Angeline. Angeline struggles to adjust to living with humans while learning fighting skills from Eddie. Eddie is trying to train Angeline while avoiding her romantic innuendos. Sydney continues to work on magic spells (much to her chagrin) during her independent study and she finds herself with a boyfriend for the first time ever. Meanwhile, Adrian is working with Sonya and Dimitri to try to figure out how to use spirit powers to prevent Strogoi transitions. While all this is going on, a group of humans with knowledge of Moroi and Strigoi kidnaps Sonja, believing she is still Strigoi.

It's rare when a sequel (or in this case, 2nd in a series) is better than it's predecessor but Mead accomplishes it with 'The Golden Lily.' Although the mystery was easy to figure out, the banter between Sydney and Adrian was fantastic. I am a huge Adrian fan and was happy that he took center stage in this book. I love how Sydney is super book smart with so few social skills or the ability to see relationships in front of her. I also like how Mead is slowly evolving her belief system from 'vampires are evil' to 'they are really just people.' Obviously, getting her and Adrian together will be the next step and I hope it happens in the next book. I can't wait! Great read. 

Grade: A-

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