Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Torn [Guerra]

Book: Torn
Author: Stephanie Guerra

Review: Stella is a straight A , good girl with the same group of friends since grade school. Ruby is the new girl at school, a seemingly bad girl who parties and lives on the wild side. The girls strike up an instant friendship which surprises the other students at school. When Ruby starts dating a much older man, Stella has to decide how to address the situation: support her friend's choice or report the situation to authorities? As Stella struggles with the situation, both girls become targets of jealously and bullying with classmates. 

An interesting look at small town high school dynamics, bullying and complexities within friendship. I really enjoyed this book, especially the different layers to Ruby. I can see why people would be quick to dismiss her as a problem teen (and many of her behaviors reinforce that opinion) but it was impressive that Stella, in many ways Ruby's opposite, was able to understand and be a true friend in the end. I was also impressed that Stella way able to maintain her friendship with Ruby while not engaging in most of Ruby's bad behaviors. If I had a high school daughter, I would read this book and recommend it she read it. 

Grade: B

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