Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reign or Shine [Rowen]

Book: Reign or Shine [Demon Princess #1]
Author: Michelle Rowen

Review: Life is going well for 16 year old Nikki Donovan. Although she recently moved to a new high school in Canada, she is best friends with the most popular girl in school (Melinda) and is going to the school dance with the guy of her dreams. Her life is quickly turned upside down when she finds out her deadbeat dad is actually a demon king of the Shadowlands, a world that protects humans from the Underworld. In addition to finding out out she is a demon princess, Nikki discovers her father is dying and she is developing feelings for Michael (a shadow servant) which is strictly forbidden. Add a trip to the faerie forest and a colorful cast of characters, this is a fun YA book by Rowen. 

Nikki is a fun main character and this was an enjoyable read however there were no laugh out loud moments like I had reading the 'Immortality Bites' series (I really think Sarah Dearly is funny). It was cute and I'll give the next book a try. 

Grade: C

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