Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fifty Shades Freed [James]

Book: Fifty Shades Freed [Fifty Shades Trilogy #3]
Author: E.L. James

Review: Life is moving forward for Ana and Christian. They have grown a lot in the few short months they have been together, but Ana still struggles with the wealth surrounding her lifestyle with Christian while Christian still struggles with his possessive tendencies. Unfortunately, it appears that someone has set their sinister sights on the couple.

The majority of this book was...eh, okay. Throughout the first two books Christian rides a fine line between a sexy, mysterious guy and obsessive control freak, somehow coming out on top in the sexy territory (for me anyway, although I 100% realize his relationship with Ana is in no way, shape or form healthy). In this book, he almost seemed like a caricature of his former self and just boring. I also found the "mystery" element in this book completely ridiculous (yes, the whole series is ridiculous, but one of those "it's so ridiculous I love it!").   What saved this book for me was the ending. Readers get a glimpse into the early days of Christian with his adoptive family and then a first person account of the first time he met Ana. 

Overall, super fun series! 

Grade: B

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