Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey [James]

Book: Fifty Shades of Grey [Fifty Shades Trilogy #1]
Author: E.L. James

Review: When college senior Anastasia Steele interviews the young (and very successful) entrepreneur Christian Grey, she is surprised at how young and good looking he is. In turn, he is intrigued by Ana's beauty. They quickly find they cannot stay away from each other, but Ana is surprised to find dating Christian means entering a lifestyle she didn't even know existed. 

As I was reading this I thought this book seemed like a sexier version of Twilight. Both are set in the pacific midwest, Ana is a sweet, innocent dark haired young woman (just like Bella) while Christian is a wealthy and overly possessive (and also copper haired, just like Edward). I discovered after a little research that this series did start as Twilight fan fiction. I admit this book is not well written, extremely repetitive (Ana bites her bottom lip, A LOT) but I literally could not put it down! I loved every repetitive word and could not get enough. In fact, I read all 3 books (they are each over 500 pages) in just over 3 days. In this particular book, my favorite scene was toward the beginning while Ana drunk dialed Christian at the bar and he showed up-absolutely hilarious! I will also note that while this is classified as erotic, I found it more "kinky" than explicit. Overall, a purely delicious read. 

Grade: A-

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