Friday, November 27, 2020

Courting Trouble

Book: Courting Trouble
Series: Rosato & Associates #7
Author: Lisa Scottoline

Anne Murphy thought she'd put her unhappy past a continent behind her when she joined Philadelphia attorney Bennie Rosato's all-woman law firm. Then a friend who's housesitting for Anne is murdered in what's clearly a case of mistaken identity, and Anne realizes that the past has caught up with her and that the only way to outrun it is to catch the killer before he realizes that she's still alive. But how can Anne play dead with a high-profile case just days away from starting? The only way to pull it off is to let her new colleagues in on the secret, which would mean telling them her other secrets, too, including the fact that she's in love with opposing counsel and the probability that her client may not be as innocent as she thought he was.-Goodreads

Review: After a few lackluster books in the Rosato & Associates series, I was happy to follow Anne Murphy, a new associate in the firm. Ironically, I think this is the lowest rated book in the series while one of my favorites. It was refreshing to have a new character perspective in the series and see Mary, Judy and Bennie from Anne's eyes. 

Anne decides to go out of town on a last minute trip while a pseudo friend she met at the gym house-sits. The house-sitter is murdered in Anne's house and everyone thinks Anne was the victim. Anne stays incognito and tries to figure out who was the behind the killing, while managing a big case. I liked this one!

Grade: 4/5 

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