Friday, November 27, 2020

Dead Ringer

Book: Dead Ringer
Series: Rosato & Associate #8
Author: Lisa Scottolini

When ace lawyer Bennie Rosato's twin sister returns to Philadelphia, she knows that trouble is on the horizon, for her sister never contacts her with familial love at the forefront of her agenda - if she contacts her at all. At the same time, Bennie's law firm is in trouble, so she takes on a potentially lucrative class-action suit to try to save the day. It could be make or break - both for her family and her firm.

Meanwhile, her colleague Mary DiNunzio persists in bringing in a case that looks more like an Italian wedding than a lawsuit, and then a mysterious stranger appears just in time to help Bennie in the fight of her life - for her life.-Goodreads

Review: In the eighth installment of the Rosato & Associates series, Bennie's evil twin is back. And it's a testament to Scottolini's writing because she really makes me "feel" for this character. And when I say "Feel" I mean I really hate this woman. She breaks into Bennie's house, almost kills her dog, gets drunk in public and risks Bennie's job. Add this to this a big class action lawsuit Bennie is working on and this was a fast paced read. 

Grade: 3/5 

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