Friday, November 27, 2020

The Vendetta Defense

Book: The Vendetta Defense
Series: Rosato & Associates #6
Author: Lisa Scottoline

Lawyer Judy Carrier takes the case of her career when an elderly pigeon racer named Anthony Lucia is arrested for the murder of his lifelong enemy, Angelo Coluzzi. "Pigeon Tony," as he's known to all his South Philly neighbors, confesses he killed Coluzzi because of a vendetta begun more than fifty years ago, a blood feud that has brought great tragedy to Pigeon Tony's life.

Her client's guilt, however, is only the beginning of Judy's problems. The Coluzzi family wants revenge, and they are determined to finish off Pigeon Tony and Judy before the case can go to trial. And if that isn't enough, Judy's got to contend with Tony's magnetic grandson, Frank, a man who makes her think about everything but the law, and her boss, the no-nonsense Bennie Rosato.

In a case steeped in blood and memory, it will take a stroke of brilliance to save Pigeon Tony. But if anyone just might see justice done, it's this gutsy young attorney who'll risk everything to win ... including her life. -Goodreads

Review: This is a hard book to review because on one hand, I love Judy Carrier. I love her unique personality and love that she was finally center stage in a book. Unfortunately, I was not drawn into the story about Pigeon Tony, the elderly man she is representing who confessed to killing another man who supposedly killed Tony's wife and son. Scottoline is an attorney and her strongest scenes are in the courtroom. This book was told in alternating timelines and was more of a historical fiction and romance between Judy and Pigeon Tony's grandson. I didn't hate this by any means, it was readable, I was just left unsatisfied. 

Grade: 2/5 

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