Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Wall of Silence

Book: Wall of Silence
Author: Tracey Buchanon

Melissa Byatt’s life in Forest Grove seems as perfect as can be: a doting husband, three loving children and a beautiful house in a close-knit community. But appearances can be deceiving.

One evening, Melissa arrives home to the unimaginable: her husband lies stabbed on the kitchen floor, their children standing calmly around him…With horror, she realises that one of them is to blame. But which one? And why would they attack their own father?

Her loyalties torn, in a split second she decides to protect her children at all costs—even if that means lying to the police. But when someone in the neighbourhood claims to know more than they should, Melissa discovers that some secrets are beyond her control…-Goodreads

Review: Melissa arrives home to find her husband laying on the kitchen floor. He's been stabbed. Could her children have had anything to do with it? Set in a small, insular community, the narrative is primarily Melissa with a few chapters written from the perpetrators point of view. 

I enjoyed this despite the actions of the main character. If you suspected one of your children stabbed your husband, wouldn't you push them for an answer? I think the final reveal would have worked better if the setting was not such a small community, that made some of the 'secrets' a tad unbelievable. Overall, quick fun read though.  

Grade: 3/5 

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