Thursday, November 26, 2020

Legal Tender

Book: Legal Tender
Series: Rosato & Associates #2
Author: Lisa Scottoline

Bennie Rosato is a maverick lawyer, and business at her law firm has never been better. Then, without warning, a savage murder tears the firm apart. All evidence points to Bennie, who has motive aplenty and an unconfirmable alibi. Her world turns upside-down as the lawyer becomes the client, and the law is now after her. When another killing takes place, Bennie runs for her life, a fugitive armed only with her wits and courage. She is determined to find the real killer -- or die trying. -Goodreads

Review: Book 2 in the Rosato & Associates series and we finally meet it's namesake, Bennie Rosato. Bennie is smart, brash and I loved her. Bennie is accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend and business partner who just notified her that he was ending their business relationship. Bennie goes on the run and tries to clear her name. This was a fun, popcorn type read that you will enjoy if you don't take it too seriously. There was a side plot involving a kitten that should have been left out entirely. 

Overall, fun read. 

Grade: 3.5/5 

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