Friday, November 27, 2020

The Killing Hour

Book: The Killing Hour
Series: Quincy and Rainie #4
Author: Lisa Gardner

Each time he struck, he took two victims. Day after day, he waited for the first body to be discovered--a body containing all the clues the investigators needed to find the second victim, who waited...prey to a slow but certain death. The clock ticked--salvation was possible.

The police were never in time.

Years have passed; but for this killer, time has stood still. As a heat wave of epic proportions descends, the game begins again. Two girls have disappeared...and the clock is ticking.

Rookie FBI agent Kimberly Quincy knows the killer’s deadline can be met. But she’ll have to break some rules to beat an exactingly vicious criminal at a game he’s had time to perfect.

For the Killing Hour has arrived...-Goodreads

Review: A serial killer kidnaps girls in pairs-he kills the first one and leaves clues as to the whereabouts to the 2nd. This is to give authorities "a chance" to find her before she dies. This time, he's kidnapped four girls and Kimberly Quincy, now a recruit at the FBI Academy, finds the body. She teams up with Mac, a Georgia investigator who has been searching for this killer for years. 

Like most Gardner books, this is disturbing and well researched. There is a lot of forensic information in this book which I found fascinating but readers wanting something faster paced may be bored. The principal investigators in this book are Kimberly and Mac, although Quincy and Rainie join the investigation eventually. A lot of things didn't make complete sense, like allowing a survivor to join the investigation and every investigator believing things the killer told them. 

Overall though, I couldn't put this down. 

Grade: 4/5 

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