Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Book: Fragile
Series: The Hallows #1
Author: Lisa Unger

Everybody knows everybody in The Hollows, a quaint, charming town outside of New York City. It's a place where neighbors keep an eye on one another's kids, where people say hello in the grocery store, and where high school cliques and antics are never quite forgotten. As a child, Maggie found living under the microscope of small-town life stifling. But as a wife and mother, she has happily returned to The Hollows's insular embrace. As a psychologist, her knowledge of family histories provides powerful insights into her patients' lives. So when the girlfriend of her teenage son, Rick, disappears, Maggie's intuitive gift proves useful to the case--and also dangerous.

The investigation has her husband, Jones, the lead detective on the case, acting strangely. Rick, already a brooding teenager, becomes even more withdrawn. In a town where the past is always present, nobody is above suspicion, not even a son in the eyes of his father.

Determined to uncover the truth, Maggie pursues her own leads into Charlene's disappearance and exposes a long-buried town secret--one that could destroy everything she holds dear. -Goodreads

Review: Maggie (psychologist) and Jones (lead detective) live in a small town outside of NYC with their teenage son. When their son's girlfriend goes missing, everyone's a suspect. 

I didn't hate this or like this, it was okay. There are multiple narrators in the town and it was interesting to an extent getting everyone's perspectives. One narrative that could have been left out was Charlene, the missing girl, because we as readers know too much about her and her motivations. This really killed any suspense. Maggie was extremely unprofessional (I kept thinking real therapists would never act like she was) while Jones was the most interesting and layered character. 

Grade: 2/5 

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