Saturday, November 28, 2020

In the Shadow of the Swastika

Book: In the Shadow of the Swastika
Author: Hermann Wygoda, Mark Wygoda

He was known first as a Warsaw ghetto smuggler, then as Comandante Enrico. He traveled under false identity papers and worked at a German border patrol station. Throughout the years of the Holocaust, Hermann Wygoda lived a life of narrow escapes, daring masquerades, and battles that almost defy reason.

Unique among Holocaust memoirs, In the Shadow of the Swastika, now in paperback, celebrates the memory of a man who received decorations from three Western powers and who, years later, was honored posthumously by the Italian city he helped to liberate.-Goodreads

Review: Hermann Wygoda has one of the most amazing stories of survival I've ever read. This is certainly a hidden gem of a book. Thanks to my good friend Heather for lending me this because it's not a something widely in print. This is an account of WWII that Hermann wrote to document events. It wasn't meant to be a book or published so it is a very dry read. 

Grade: 4/5 

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