Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Last Human

Book: The Last Human
Author: Lee Bacon

In the future, robots have eliminated humans, and 12-year-old robot XR_935 is just fine with that. Without humans around, there is no war, no pollution, no crime. Every member of society has a purpose. Everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Until the day XR discovers something impossible: a human girl named Emma. Now, Emma must embark on a dangerous voyage with XR and two other robots in search of a mysterious point on a map. But how will they survive in a place where rules are never broken and humans aren’t supposed to exist? And what will they find at the end of their journey? -Goodreads

Review: My 9 year old son and I read this as part of a book club we have together. This is a middle grade dystopian novel where robots have eliminated humans until...XR_935 discovers a human girl. I really enjoyed this. Good world building, good character development and thought provoking. My son and I had some interesting conversations after we read it. I recommend for young readers. 

Grade: 4/5 

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