Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Someone's Listening

Book: Someone's Listening
Author: Seraphina Nova Glass

Faith Finley has it all: she’s a talented psychologist with a flourishing career, a bestselling author and the host of a popular local radio program, Someone’s Listening, with Dr. Faith Finley. She’s married to the perfect man, Liam Finley, a respected food critic.

Until the night everything goes horribly wrong, and Faith’s life is shattered forever.

Liam is missing—gone without a trace—and the police are suspicious of everything Faith says. They either think she has something to hide, or that she’s lost her mind.

And then the notes begin to arrive. Notes that are ripped from Faith’s own book, the one that helps victims leave their abusers. Notes like “Lock your windows. Consider investing in a steel door.”

As the threats escalate, the mystery behind Liam’s disappearance intensifies. And Faith’s very life will depend on finding answers.-Goodreads

Review: After a bad car accident, Faith wakes up and is shocked to learn that her husband-who was driving-disappeared from the scene and there was no trace of him at the accident site. Did she imagine him there? Did she kill him? The police are suspicious of Faith but she knows she did nothing wrong. Faith quickly descends into a downward spiral, drinking too much and taking pills. Things seems to escalate when she receives pages from her own book. 

I liked this book but I felt the author spent more time on Faith's downward spiral than Faith trying to figure out what happened to her husband. Because of this the book really dragged at times. Overall, the author did craft a good thrilled at the end. 

Grade: 3/5 

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