Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Cuckoo's Cry

Book: The Cuckoo's Cry
Author: Caroline Overington

On the eve of the global lockdown, Don Barlow opens the door of his old beachside cottage to find a pretty girl with pink-tipped hair, claiming to have nowhere to go.

He allows her entry, and so begins a mystery set in unprecedented times: with the virus raging outside their home, the girl cannot be asked to leave, but what does he risk by having her stay? -Goodreads

Review: This was the first COVID-19 related book I read (listened to as this was an Audible original) this year. Don is a lonely widower who opens his door one night to find a young girl named Morgan claiming to be his granddaughter. Don welcomes her although it's clear to listeners that Morgan has an agenda and is not all that she seems. COVID-19 hits and they end up quarantining together. Meanwhile, Don's daughter is suspicious of Morgan (as she should be), while her farm to table restaurant with her husband is at risk with the pandemic. This was a quick listen and I overall liked it. The end jumped the shark a little bit but it was enjoyable. 

Grade: 3/5 

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